Hey, I’m Lauren

I’m an award-winning journalist, researcher and content strategist whose work has appeared in Foreign Policy, Smithsonian Magazine, Wired, Jezebel, Atlas Obscura, Vice, Sierra Magazine¬†and many others. Currently, I’m an assistant editor/senior associate at Devex.

My reporting tends to focus on the practical impacts of policy and systems, and I’ve covered everything from how climate change is shifting gender roles in northern Kenya to the effect of politics on saving endangered rhinos to how designers are making the fashion industry more sustainable. In addition to journalism, I consult for a variety of organizations like NRDC, World Wildlife Fund and InterAction. I’m also working toward an MSc in Humanitarianism, Conflict & Development at the University of Bath.

I live to travel and I do it a lot, both for work and fun but usually some combination therein. You can read more about that on my blog, Meander Lines. Check it out here.